Thoughts on Legacy (from my biased little sister)


I vividly remember the first time Harriet told me that she had written a book. It was 3 October last year and I woke up to an email from her with a subject line simply reading "Book". She then proceeded to tell me not to tell ANYONE but she had started to write a novel and she wanted my honest feedback. If I'm to be completely honest, it came as no great surprise - Harriet had always talked about writing a novel when she had the time, and it seemed that the 3 months away working in New York had provided her with just that (she later told me that the idea had "just come to her on a walk home across Central Park one evening", which I thought was cracking!).

I started reading it there and then, racing through the first 20 pages that she had sent me and immediately demanded more. This process of Harriet sending me the latest instalment, me reading it and then instantly calling her to tell her my thoughts went on for about four months. I wanted nothing more than to discuss my ideas with someone, what was Anita going to do next? Who did I prefer, Alexander, Marcus or Bas? What did I want to happen next? But sadly, I was sworn to secrecy. The only people who knew about Legacy at the time were myself, Harriet and Chris, Harriet's husband. Now, I obviously couldn't discuss it with Harriet in case she gave anything away (her poker face isn't the best) and as for Chris, well, for some reason my brother-in-law didn't seem to care about who was hotter out of Alexander or Marcus! So, I struggled on in silence...

January came and Harriet finally sent me another e-mail, this time with a subject line of "I've finished". I stopped what I was doing and read the new pages there and then, I simply HAD to find out what happened at the end of book one. After this, the pool of people I was allowed to talk to grew as Harriet began to tell more and more people about the book and I was granted permission to send it to my housemate who devoured it in 2 days and still pesters me about when Harriet's going to write book two!

Legacy turned out to be everything I want in a book. It had a solid story line that kept me demanding more each time I finished a new section, a romantic side which made me wish that I was Anita, it was funny and, like all great books it made me want to gush about it in great detail to everyone I met! I loved the fact that I could get lost in a different world while I was curled up on the sofa finding out where Harriet was going to take the characters next. Now, like my housemate, I can’t wait for book two – Harriet, hurry up!