Chapter 12 - Sending Legacy out into the world


Once my platform was established and the book was finally edited, all I had left to do prior to publishing was the cover, the blurb and formatting the manuscript for upload.

I didn’t want to go down the route of having people on the cover and as a ball of energy felt like a good image to represent the book, I went with this. However, the good thing about self-publishing is that the cover can be easily changed and I may well try a few different options to see what best gets across what the book is about. I always ask people for feedback on this, as let’s face it, it’s how people initially judge your work, however finding people who are willing to provide real constructive views is easier said than done! My gut feel is that my current cover is too masculine and too 'sci-fi' at the moment, so we’re working on ideas to make it more genre-appropriate - if anyone has any ideas then feel free to email me at the address at!

After the cover was done, I wrote the blurb for the back of the book. To do justice to the concepts of energy, Mind, Body and Spirit, the political landscape, the main characters and the story line all in a couple of short paragraphs is something I find virtually impossible, so this is definitely something I will revisit over the coming months. In the end I tried to apply the lessons from a great Ted Talk by Simon Sinek called ‘How great leaders inspire action’. In his presentation he recommends talking about ‘the why’ not the what. The idea is essentially to connect on a more emotional level with your audience, making your message intriguing and exciting, however I doubt I’ve fully achieved this on the first go, so the blurb will certainly evolve over time.

Formatting I found to be the easy bit, as there is no creativity required at all! You simply follow the excellent guidelines provided by Smashwords to the letter and hey presto, you have a brilliantly formatted ebook. I’d recommend using the Smashwords guidelines first and then tweaking with Amazon’s requirements, as the Smashwords guide is far more comprehensive and easy to follow.

When all that was done, all that was left to do was fill in the upload sections on Amazon and Smashwords, press submit, hope I’d done everything I was supposed to correctly, then wait a few hours for Legacy to appear.